How to use Portfolio Feature

Someone asked how to use the Portfolio feature.

After you have created an account, go into the detail view of the counter you want to add to your Portfolio.  At the top, there will be 2 boxes for Portfolio feature.  These will only be shown after you have logged in.

You can enter the number of shares and your purchased price and click Submit.  It will bring you to your Portfolio view. 

The URL of Portfolio view is :

You can bookmark this URL and return to your Portfolio view.  If your browser allows cookies, your user ID will automatically be remembered in your browser's cookie so you do not need to login again.

This arrangement is ideal for browser on your Smartphone.  You just need to login once and bookmark the Portfolio view.

It is actually not necessary for you to enter the number of shares and purchase price if you do not want the auto calculation feature.  You can enter "0" at both box and click the Submit button and that counter will still be added to your Portfolio.

To remove a counter from your Portfolio, enter "-1" in the number of shares box and click Submit.  This will delete the counter from your Portfolio.


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Thanks for your great effort in creating this website! I can now search for any dividend stock in SGX now without checking ever stock.

I wonder do  you accept some small request. Can you add a stock screener, so that I filter out any stock who pay consistent dividend for the past 5 years for example.


Hi.. Thanks for the explanation but I cannot seem to see the boxes to add the counter in after I have logged in.. what I see on screen is
Portfolio of
(and below this is a table with)
Counters  Holdings  Dividend History
Code  Company Name  Remark  Last  Change
Last Update  Count  Cost  Value  P/L  2014  2013  2012  2011  2010  Calculation Details

But there is no way I can add the counter to populate the table.. hope you can advise



Hi Francis,

Are you able to login?

After you login, you will be redirected to your Portfolio page.

Initially, your Portfolio is empty as you have not added any counters.
Click on any of the alphabets to go to the counter listing.  For example, if you click on "C", you will be at this URL:

You have to select a counter that you want to include into your Portfolio.  For example, you wanted "CapitalLand" and you click on the counter code.  You should be at this URL now.

At this counter page, you will see a "Count", "Cost" and "Submit" button.
Enter the number of shares.   Then enter the cost.  Then click Submit.
Now, the Capitalland counter will be added to your Portfolio with the X units at a cost of Y. It will auto calculate the current value (current price x the number of shares).  It will also auto calculate the profit and loss too.


Hi, Jason

How to create an account?



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